Free Will
is Mankind’s

What happens when a man does the unthinkable?

Société is the story of Christian Matters, a cynical architect whose life is transformed by the chance meeting of Lester Rothschild, a cavalier aristocrat coming to terms with his own destiny, and the world's.

Nearing the end of the twenty-first century, Société, the luxurious complex at the heart of Calladria is ready to open its doors to the world. Spearheaded by William Morsus, the indicted CEO of Priaxis, it is a grand rooftop entertainment venue catering to the rich and powerful, for the ones who hold millions behind them. But unknown to the public, it will unveil a neurophonetic prototype, a method of information transmission which industry experts claim will introduce the age of human creation, an age where chaos is a distant memory and civilized order is its law, a world where the survival of the human race has been ensured. 

Lester Rothschild, a cunning, eccentric polymath is at the center of Société’s grand-opening. After a fateful car crash with Christian—a Chicago architect on the run—Lester shepherds him to his purpose and if rather unsuspectingly, takes him from the desert vales of a surreal Nevada to social events in San Francisco’s glamorous post-war society. It is there, in California, where Christian crosses paths with a strange visitor: calm and innocent Deax Gray. A young woman from an impending future who arrives by means of winning the lottery, as she calls it. In a manner he initially believes otherworldly, he finds her ridden by a deterministic nature not defined by responsibility, but by a simple sense of belonging. Deax begins to affect him in a way he never thought possible.

Heading towards Calladria, colliding events cause Christian and Deax to gravitate to the awakening of Société, its beacon thundering in the high-rise distance. It is where Lester, with the help of his exotic paramour, musician Ella Athens, will face his greatest challenge yet: the fight for free will at the hands of society’s quest for progress.

Foreword INDIEFAB Awards Finalist
USA Best Book Awards Finalist, Visionary Fiction
USA Best Book Awards Finalist, New Age Fiction
Southern California Book Festival - Honorable Mention
Midwest Book Awards - Honorable Mention